Digital Mailroom is a Sustainable Solution

You want your company to grow. You also want it to be friendly to the Earth. But when your business gets bigger, it devours more resources and generates more waste and other pollutants. How can you get powerful and prosperous without getting destructive?

You turn to technology.

High-tech tools and systems can help you stay green and clean. One of the best technologies for this purpose is Digital Mailroom, which can help you reduce

  • Air pollution
  • Your carbon footprint
  • Your role in global warming
  • Your use of limited resources
Digital Mailroom

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With Digital Mailroom, you can save resources. You don’t need to set up physical offices, because you can use virtual addresses instead. And you don’t have to use paper and ink, because Digital Mailroom sends your mail to you online, and you can distribute it the same way.

Reduce copier ink and cartridge usage

Reduce copier ink and cartridge usage.

Reduce kilowatt-hours required to run a physical office

Reduce kilowatt-hours required to run a physical office.

Reduce greenhouse emissions from road transportation

Reduce greenhouse emissions from road transportation.

Exela, the Earth, and the Environment

Through multiple initiatives, Digital Mailroom’s parent company supports sustainability.

Exela Green

Customers and prospects want your entire operation to be eco-friendly. That includes your suppliers, from raw materials producers to technology developers.

Fortunately, you can assure everyone that Exela Technologies’ Digital Mailroom helps you reduce pollution and the destruction of valuable resources.

Exela Employees

Exela’s Environmental Initiatives

We want you to be proud to use Exela products and services. That’s why we provide Digital Mailroom and other offerings that not only help you prosper but also help you stay green. And it’s one of the many reasons why we go beyond our office walls to help the world around us.

Here are just a couple examples of Exela’s environmental initiatives.


For Earth Day, Exela partnered with Bare Hands Agriculture, a nonprofit organization that teaches underserved communities how to cultivate food in a sustainable way. After several weeks of fundraising, Exela employees and affiliates came together with Bare Hands in Atlanta to create edible gardens in and for the Chosewood neighborhood. Exela had raised nearly $4,000 for the project – and a bit of hope for the planet.

blink now

Exela has proudly sponsored the fundraising efforts of BlinkNow, a Nepal-based charitable organization that empowers Nepal’s children by providing them with quality education in a safe environment. Exela’s goal in working with BlinkNow: Raise enough money to hire 10 teachers for the new, environmentally sustainable eco-campus at Kopila Valley School in the town of Birendranagar. So far we’ve raised more than $13,000.

blink now
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