Latest Case Studies

Mortgage Company Customer Service
Mortgage company speeds up its loan processing service
By David Seidman
A Slow Paperwork System Bogged Down a Mortgage Company’s Customer Service Exela cut the company’s costs, improved productivity, and helped make it more responsive Challenge A mortgage company was…
DMR indexed 200,00 existing case files
Digitizing and indexing over 200,000 existing case files
By David Seidman
Financial Service Company Needed to Consolidate Mailrooms and Digitize Back Files Exela Digital Mailroom streamlined processes and cut costs Challenge The client, a financial services…
Grocery Retailer
Retailer streamlines its accounts payable process
By David Seidman
A Retailer Suffered from a Costly, Confusing Accounts Payable Process Exela cut the company’s costs, improved productivity, and reduced the level of risk Challenge A grocery chain relied heavily…
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