David Seidman
David Seidman

Digital Mailroom

Better mail delivery. Better mail security.

Digital Mailroom (DMR) is Exela’s mail processing and digitization solution. It brings traditional mail services into the 21st century by leveraging one of the world’s fastest scanning platforms; powerful optical character recognition technology; and the DMR Portal, which gives access to physical mail in an electronic format, similar to email.

Digital Mailroom provides many benefits over physical mail distribution systems, including:

  • business continuity protections
  • strengthened data security
  • faster mail access
  • content searchability
  • instant content sharing
  • mail volume monitoring
  • chain of custody tracking

How Digital Mailroom Works

For offsite processing, mail is forwarded to one of Exela’s 28 SSAE-18-certified mail processing centers in the US. We open and scan all mail pieces and transmit them to the DMR Portal for routing within 24 hours of receipt (excluding holidays and weekends).

There are three types of user roles: 

Client Admin: Limited group, access to reporting, admin dashboards (all locations), configuration and user setup 

Mail Admin: Access to exception and miscellaneous folders to review and distribute mail not assigned to a specific person or group

Mail User: All registered users who have action access to mail folders

We feed digitized mail into the DMR Portal for the designated user(s) to review. These users can perform actions such as re-route, send to, delete, mark as junk, mark as “not my mail,” move to a folder, add a label, and request physical delivery.


Deployed in as few as 10 DAYS

  • Greater efficiency and process control
  • Cloud-hosted access anytime and anywhere
  • Full integration with downstream workflows
  • Enhanced visibility and reporting
  • Superior information management
  • Improved compliance and security posture
  • Full audit trails and chain of custody

Data Security

We process all documents in highly secure facilities that include video surveillance, badge access restrictions, biometric scanners at data centers, secure rooms for regulated and classified equipment, hold-open door alarms, and additional security measures. All data is stored in encrypted formats, and access to data is restricted, based on a ‘need to know’, segregated-duties basis. Data is logically separated, and customer data is never commingled. Document destruction and digital copy retention/disposition occurs according to customer specifications.

Exela applications are covered as part of the Veracode VERIFIED Attestation Program, the industry’s highest application security attestation. Exela’s Information Security Team conducts monthly vulnerability scans, and a third party performs annual penetration testing. And Exela maintains documented business- continuity and disaster-recovery protocols that include strict information security controls.

Data Security table

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