David Seidman
David Seidman

A service that gives you more time, resources, and freedom to work with clients

As a broker, you have to juggle chores that range from meeting clients’ demands to coping with new technologies. The last thing you need is to waste time opening, sorting, and filing mail, or digging through file cabinets for old correspondence and ploughing through page after page to find facts or numbers. Exela’s Digital Mailroom (DMR) takes those burdens off your back. The service speeds up communications and simplifies the search for crucial data, allowing you to do your job better. DMR mail centres receive your incoming mail, digitize it, and upload it to a secure web portal. Using the portal, you can view, search, share, and store your correspondence from anywhere on any internet-connected device.

Customer Service

DMR puts your clients’ paper mail and other documents on the web so they're available wherever you go. DMR also sorts and indexes the mail, enabling you to find messages and agreements – or excerpts from them – quickly and easily. Result: You can serve more clients more efficiently. 

Acquiring New Clients

DMR helps you reach prospects and leads nationwide. If clients in another state prefer a local address, they can mail their documents to the nearest DMR location. Their mail will get there fast and you’ll see it online soon afterward, saving you time so you’ll never have to keep a potential client waiting. 

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing your mail processing to a DMR centre frees up expensive real estate in your office. Digital mail doesn’t need as much work space or storage space – not to mention costly furnishings such as file cabinets – as paper does. And then there’s the work time you can save by having us take care of handling all that paper. 


Your clients trust you with private details of their lives and businesses. DMR’s mail centres are HIPAA compliant; the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has certified the centres under its SSAE-18 security standard; and the independent application-security firm Veracode has certified DMR’s resistance to vulnerabilities. 


  • Efficiency: Digitized mail means less paperwork

  • Convenience: Read and manage mail online from anywhere

  • Security: DMR’s web portal safeguards documents from loss or destruction

  • Sustainability: Online mail means less paper waste

  • Collaboration: Easy sharing of documents with remote workers

  • Continuity: Keep work flowing smoothly while you're out of the office

  • Cost control: Save time and put office space to better use

  • Speed: System is deployable in as few as 10 days

  • Intelligence: Find the information you need swiftly and easily

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